First Ronin Unboxing

Posted by Jason Dayman at

We've just received and unboxed the first Ronin in the Ozcopters warehouse. The DJI Ronin has been developed for the filmmaking professional. High build quality standards ensure that it keeps up with the demands of rigorous handheld and aerial use in Australia's environments.

The Ronin can be easily adjusted to carry everything from small & light Micro-Four-Thirds cameras to heavier systems like the Red Epic. With a little practice, the Ronin takes less than 5 minutes to set up and balance whenever the camera configuration is changed.

On our first use we were able to setup the Ronin and then balance our Canon 5D MkIII within 15 minutes. Smooth Track gives a single gimbal operator the ability to transform their tilt and pan movements on the gimbal into smooth and stabilised camera angle changes.

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