T-Motors MT4008-18


  • $ $8995

Tiger Motors elite series is the MT Multicopter brushless motor- using the best Japanese materials and assembled and balanced in one of the top factories in China - The reason for paying the extra is in the EFFICIENCY - more thrust and less amps and reliability, combined with more powerful magnets and EZO bearings made in Japan.

Specs MT4008-18 380kv T-Motor Tiger

Configuration 18 magnets 24 poles

Stator 40mm OD 8mm lamination length

Shaft 4mm

Outer dimensions 44.3x25m

Weight mass 108g

Idle current claimed 0.4amps @10v

Suitable for 4-8S

Max Continious 18Amps @ 370watt

Max efficiency 5->12amps >84%

Internal resistance 0.154 ohms

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