DJI Lightbridge 2


  • $ $2,49900

Integrated Design

Start broadcasting within seconds. The Lightbridge 2 greatly reduces the number of parts you must carry, mount, and set up. With the receiver fully
integrated into a new remote controller, simply connect your display equipment, power your system on, and you are ready to go.

The included remote provides easy access to vital functions. It has dedicated hardware controls for photo and video capture, gimbal pitch control,
sensitive flight control sticks and dedicated Return To Home and customizable buttons.* Additionally, an internal, rechargeable 6,000mAh battery
lets you fly longer and makes charging easy and quick.


Intelligent, Dynamic Transmission

Lightbridge 2 is intelligent. It automatically adapts in real time to keep latency low while maintaining a strong signal. For uninterrupted transmission, a high-speed processor chooses the best channel and bandwidth based on current distance and electromagnetic environment.

When using the DJI GO app, you can choose to maximize video quality or focus on lower latency, and manually change to your desired transmission channel.


Team Up

Transmit the same live HD view wirelessly to several devices by connecting multiple remote controllers in Master-Slave mode. Increase
efficiency by working together to accomplish complex imaging and broadcasting tasks. Lightbridge 2 supports up to one Master and three
Slave devices at the same time, so the pilot, gimbal operator, director, and broadcast team can all receive the video signal and monitor the
shooting process from different places.


Absolute Control on Your Device

Use the powerful DJI GO app to control your camera, access intelligent navigation settings,
and receive a live HD view of what the camera sees, on your paired mobile device. Flight
information including current status, full telemetry, location, heading, and more is displayed
and updated live, making every flight safe and convenient.

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